What’s my gender?

Make sure you read on down to the “Crawl the Walk” section. This is exactly my experience.


Recently I’ve received lots of similar emails along the lines of “I am questioning my gender, and I don’t know what this all means!”

“I’m trying to reach out to people who understand or relate to what I’m feeling so I can sort it out.”

“I’ve recently found myself googling “gender” and over the last week I’ve discovered a whole new language and world of identities.”

“My mind wants to embrace these aspects which I have ignored most of my life. … I’ve been feeling insecure lately after acknowledging these feelings.”

Everybody starts somewhere, and the beginning looks different for each person. Some folks are barely starting to question gender in a conscious way, while others have been grappling with it for years or decades. Yet somehow you’ve all arrived at a boiling point, where you can no longer brush off these feelings as irrelevant, inconvenient, transitory. You feel compelled to do something about…

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